Eat or be Eaten

Can you escape an abandoned meat packing plant
before whatever’s making horrific noises in the next room finds a way out?

High Intensity

Industrial Plant Environment

12 Years And Above

Game description👇

Florida, 1968.
You were enjoying yourself on a long-awaited trip…you WERE.
Now, you’re lying on the floor of what seems to be a long-abandoned meat packing plant.
Why are you covered in blood?
Who’s that guy lying on the floor near you?
And…what’s that horrific noise you can hear in the other room?
Can you unravel the mystery and escape in one piece?
You have 60 minutes.

Number of Players :

2 to 9 players

Game Time

60 minutes

Your adventure awaits 👉

Give your loved ones a chance to live out their own “Creature Feature” adventure. It’s an experience they’ll really remember!

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