Rochester, New York, is a fantastic city for indoor activities. There are many different places to go and things to do and hence, if you are bored, explore ahead! 

Indoor activities can range from visiting a cafe to visiting a museum to playing indoors or going to the movies. Whatever you are interested in, I am sure you will love it! 

Yoga, meditation, and fitness also are included in indoor activities. Indoor rock climbing and skydiving are also among the activities. 

Based on your interest, you can carry out your activity from the many suggestions that shall follow below! Explore ahead for a host of indoor activities near Rochester, New York. 

  1. Indoor Rock Climbing 

For the thrill-seeking human, indoor rock climbing is the perfect getaway! The indoor climbing scene is ideal for beginners and people who prefer it indoors. It is also a great activity to strengthen your core muscles. 

When bored or you cannot play outside; then indoor rock climbing shall save your day! Most of the centers also offer yoga and fitness classes. 

Explore to find some of the best indoor rock climbing places in Rochester, New York

boy playing indoor rock climbing
  1. Mythical Escape Rooms (Find us near you!)

The newest of adventures in town and the best indoor thing to do, Mythical Escape Game Room is ready to blow your mind with its hi-tech and immersive gaming experiences. Come and join us in our adventures with two escape rooms to choose from, one set in the future and one in the past! 

We also host special events, including birthday parties, team-building events, corporate events, and date nights, among many others. Visit our website now or give us a call for any queries. 

When in doubt, Mythical Escape Room is at your rescue. 

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old people playing mythical escape games in Mythical Escape
  1. Take a trip to a Museum or a Gallery 

For a more relaxing indoor activity, you can always count on museums and galleries that contain artifacts from all around the world! You may visit the Strasenburgh Planetarium to view shows and learn about our universe or stare at exhibits at the Rochester Museum and Science Center

With 200 exhibits on local history, science, and technology, there should be something that gains your attention. For kids, the hands-on Discovery Zone is a hit. 

If you are a museum lover, then there are other museums to discover as well. The George Eastman Museum, The Memorial Art Gallery and The Strong Museum of Play, to name a few. 

gallery museums
  1. Catch a Movie or a Theater 

For the lazy people and the theatrics enthusiast, what can be better than catching a movie or a theater when there’s nothing to do?! If you are visiting Rochester, then you cannot miss a show at the Kodak Hall, the best the town has to offer. 

They host live performances, dances, theaters, concerts, and old classics that are morally correct and original with professional theater actors. Other theaters include the Geva Theatre Center and the Rochester Auditorium Theater

Check their website before you head for a show, as they remain busy all seasons! 

picture of a piano inside a theatre
  1. Board Games Cafe 

One fo the first board game cafes located in downtown Troy and Albany, Bard & Baker features over 850 board games served with delicious snacks, pastries, and desserts. You also get freshly brewed teas, coffees, crafted cocktails, and brews. 

If you do not understand the rules, the staff at the cafe will explain them to you. They are open from nine in the morning to eight in the evening with special games and trivia nights on selected days. 

If you love board games, then you cannot miss this cafe. Head to the website to know more! Come with your friends and family or come alone! Either way, you are sure to have a great time. 

Head here if you are looking for more board game cafes in Rochester

board games in a cafe
  1. Arcade Games 

Arcade games are a perfect way to erase boredom. From kids to adults, head to the nearest arcade gaming whenever in doubt! They have a variety of games to shuffle and play, and you will be thrilled. 

If you visit Rochester, you cannot miss the L & M lanes. Rochester’s unique bowling experience features 12 wooden lanes with special event hosting, a television, a full bar, food, and general drinks. It is a two-storey bowling center! 

There are many other arcade games in Rochester, and you can head to the link to explore more. Almost all the arcade gaming centers consist of a bowling court, swimming pool, rope courses, roller skating, gyms, and many more. 

The Rochester Indoor Golf Center is perfect for all age groups. They provide state-of-the-art golf equipment, excellent service, and a dedicated driving range. Head here if you are looking for indoor mini golf in Rochester. 

arcade game
  1. Visit a Bookstore or a Cafe 

There are many independent bookstores in Rochester. If you have visited all of them, you may try visiting libraries or taking a book to sit at a cafe and simply relax. 

A book lover’s den is where they have a book in their hand, a cup of tea or coffee and nobody around to disturb them! You may as well sit at a cafe and read your book while they serve you your dishes. 

This is by far the best way to spend the day indoors! You get to interact with strangers as well! 

Head here if you are looking for places to go when bored

a cup of coffee in a cafe
  1. Live Music 

Rochester is home to various live music venues, from crazy cafes to large concert halls. No matter what your taste is, you are sure to find something that you like! Swaying to some soft music is the best fun thing to do on a rainy day! 

If you are looking for a relaxed atmosphere to enjoy some tunes, check out one of the many coffeehouses which features local musicians including jazz and folk. Java’s Cafe is the oldest in the town. 

For a more lively atmosphere, head to one of Rochester’s many lively bars, including Bug Jar and The Club, which is generally crowded by the young generation! 

4 people playing live music
  1. Visit Breweries! 

The Rochester weather is fantastic for grape culture and hence, the town cultivates the best of the brews available in the country. Rochester is not only known for the wine but also for the beer breweries and local alcohol that tastes like nothing before. 

There are many tours or distilleries around. The tours provide packages that consist of many brews along with the road fare and snacks making it a perfect indoor activity for adults. 

If you are a wine enthusiast, Rochester is a den for red and white wines and a particular category called dessert wines that will melt in your mouth! Head to the link to discover the best brews in the city! What are you waiting for? 

guys drinking beer

Rochester may have a lot of outdoor attractions, but that doesn’t mean the city lacks indoor events or activities. 

Indoor activities can be a savior when the weather outside is not cooperating. They are also a great way to stay active! So choose your event accordingly! 

If you are still exploring indoor activities near Rochester, New York head to the link! 


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