Life often gets boring! We are totally with you. 

These are the times when you get out of bed and feel the need to do something crazy! Everyday life is too much to take, and sometimes acting up is what we require. 

To be surrounded by good friends is also an omen and hence, let’s put them to good use! Call your friends up and if they do not share the same energy, walk alone! 

You can also plan a trip with your family when you are not bored. 

Explore ahead to find 14 places to go when bored near me

  1. Highland Park 

If you want to catch good scenery or peace or silence, Highland Park is the best place to visit! With over 1200 lilacs and pansies, among many other beautiful flowers and wildflowers, Highland Park is filled with scenic beauties. 

You can simply drive to this place to take a walk around the calming environment filled with unique flora. 

  1. Catch a Theater 

Catch a theater at the Harris Theater located in Downtown Pittsburgh. It is the country’s first and only theater to telecast art movies back in the day. With a seating capacity of 200, this historic theater has a lot of films, theatres, live performances, and old classic films to offer. 

When bored, drive to this theater to catch some live entertainment. But before, check their website for schedules! 

  1. Mythical Escapes Escape Room 

Pittsburgh’s newest addition! Mythical Escapes escape room provides you with an immersive gaming experience where your skills are put to the test. You have an hour to escape the room along with your teammates. 

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You get your friends, or you can come here and make the team required for an escape room! From 2 games to choose from, escape rooms are a great way to increase team spirit and strengthen team building. 

One of the best indoor activities to do, this is sure to uplift your mood when you are bored. 

  1. Erie Canal 

The Erie Canal is the country’s most historic place. Ride a boat, view historic buildings, float when the water is calm and walk through scenic village streets. 

You can also ride a kayak, canoe, or houseboat. You may also tour with a guide who shall take you through the canal with its mesmerizing history. 

Head over to their website for more information! 

  1. Ontario Beach Park 

When bored, take your friends to Ontario Beach Park. A lot of amenities to offer, among which include a basketball and a volleyball court where you can go and play! 

You can try your hand at fishing, swimming, or boating. You might even enjoy a little booze by the beaches while you sunbathe. 

If you are hungry, take a walk around the park to find food stalls. If you are in luck, you can even catch a live performance at the pavilion! 

  1. Monroe County Parks 

The Monroe County Park is free and accessible for public viewing. With over 12,000 acres of wild historical lands, take advantage of them! 

Gather your friends, pack a light picnic and drive to the park. Stay until the sunset by the waters and head out before it gets dark. 

  1. Isaac Gordon Nature Park 

A family-friendly site that has easy access and a mild elevation. With limited parking, you can hike the trail in less than half an hour. Isaac Gordon Nature Park is generally less crowded and hence, you shall get some peace and solitude. 

A thing to do alone, you can get your pet here! 

  1. Seabreeze Amusement Park 

If you are in the city, Seabreeze Amusement Park is the best and fun thing to do when bored. With four roller coasters, many thrill rides for both adults, and kids, food stalls, miniature games, and a lake beside, Seabreeze Amusement Park is a cool place to visit

Call your friends or take your family for a drive up to the park to enjoy a day in water and games! 

  1. RMSC Strasenburgh Planetarium 

If you love astronomy, then this is where you want to be when in Rochester. The site is famously known for its star shows that also educate and entertain you about the world and what can be beyond it. 

The RMSC Strasenburgh Planetarium holds shows almost daily. Do check the sites before you visit them. Through a star projector, they present an almost accurate image of the stars, sun, planets, galaxies, and other comets precisely as it looks in outer space. 

This is a fun place to go when bored near me, and even if you go alone, you shall not be disheartened. 

  1. The Strong National Museum of Play 

Playing games when bored?! A cool and unusual thing to do, is visit The Strong National Museum of Play when bored. 

The museum consists of all the games that you have played since your childhood. It contains over 30,000 electronic games and consoles added to its list of physical and indoor games and toys. 

It also boasts New York’s only butterfly indoor garden with a library and a research center all related to the games! 

  1. Lock 32 Brewing Company 

What makes Lock 32 brew the best brew in town? Well, you just have to visit and find out! 

Set along the canal bike path, Lock 32 offers 10 quality beer types and ciders on tap. With live music and golf on TV, you shall find yourself returning to this spot time and again. 

You can even go there all by yourself, and you are sure to find company! 

  1. Food Tours 

Before wine comes the food. Psychology says that good food has the power to energize your body, and you come back much stronger than ever. 

Or did you already spend your money on food? If not, here’s an opportunity for you to spend your money on food. Rochester has a few food tours to provide. When you are feeling low, head to these food tours to meet strangers and rejuvenate yourself. 

Explore here to find a few amazing food tours Rochester has to provide. 

  1. Wine Trails 

Rochester has a lot of wine trails around. Owing to its great weather, the atmosphere is perfect to culture grapes to produce the finest wines in the country. 

When bored, nothing like a glass of wine! Take a day trip to one of the wine centers the country has to offer! You not only get to try red or white wines but also ice and dessert wines that taste nothing like you have tasted before. 

Head here for more information! 

  1. Biking Trails 

Pittsburgh is a very hilly area, but luckily, we have hacks for you! The old railroads provide excellent biking trails with scenic views and challenging trails. 

When bored, simply take your bike to wander in the trails, to re-energize your body, or for a quick ride to free your mind. If your friends aren’t coming along, bike alone! 

Head here to find some rejuvenating bike trails across the country. 

Have you picked what to do yet? Just randomly select a place within your 5-second-rule and get going. You may even try one place once a month! 

If you have any unique place to show the world, tell us all about it in the comments below! 

Exploring more places to go when bored near me in Rochester? Explore our blog to find more information! 

Cheers to being bored! 

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