Rochester, New York, is a beautiful city. For locals and tourists alike, Rochester is diverse and varied, having something for everyone. 

The town is primarily known for its music culture, but it has much to offer than just music. If you are looking for the best places to visit near me, we recommend you to see this town! 

If you are a local looking for fun things to do, we have got you covered as well. In this article, we have curated a list of places to go with friends near me. 

Explore ahead! 

  1. Seneca Park Zoo 

Seneca Park Zoo boasts over 90 different animal species on over 16 acres of land. Over time the zoo has made a very natural and comforting zone for animals to live in peace. 

Take your friends to observe animals like elephants, sea lions, rhinoceroses, polar bears, orangutans and many more wild animals and creatures. Watch them in their natural habitat to understand how they live and function. 

  1. Seabreeze Amusement Park 

A family-friendly thing to do, Seabreeze Amusement Park hosts both water and land rides. For all thrill-seekers, if you are bored at home, gather your friends and plan a day at this amusing water park! 

It is situated beside Irondequoit bay that sends in a cool breeze throughout the day. With four roller coaster rides, a classic wooden carousel, many thrill rides for both adults and kids, food stalls and miniature games and live shows, this is the best tourist place to visit while in Rochester! 

  1. The Strong National Museum of Play 

A cool and unusual thing to do, The Strong National Museum of Play consists of all the toys you have grown up with. In addition to toys, you have all the electronic games that you have played as well as not even heard of. It holds 30,000 games and consoles in its collection. 

It is also home to New York’s only indoor butterfly garden. There is also a library and a research centre in the museum dedicated solely to gaming. 

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Gather your friends and get to know about the culture of gaming, how it started to how it is going! 

  1. Highland Park 

Take a walk down Highland Park. You may as well pack a little picnic and have a fun drive with your friends from town. 

Set over 150 acres of land, Highland Park is filled with scenic beauties and little hills. It is mainly known for its incredible sightseeing. It is also a host to several fun activities, events and fantastic attractions. Head to the website to learn more! 

The flora of the place is eye-catching. With over 1200 lilacs, Japanese maples, Andromeda, azaleas, house chestnuts, rhododendrons and many more incredible flowers, Highland Park is one of the most famous places to visit and makes it a great day trip too! 

  1. Frontier Field 

If you are a baseball fan, Frontier Field should be your top-rated attraction. It is the city’s home ground after Silver Stadium. 

The Frontier Field stadium boasts a 24 by 32-foot video screen with a brand-new green turf and a seating capacity of over 10,000. 

If you are looking for places to go with friends near me, check the stadium schedule and catch a match or two. If you are lucky, you may even get a chance to see a live concert. 

  1. Mythical Escapes Escape Room 

One of the newest and amazing things to do in Rochester, Mythical Escapes escape rooms, shall blow your mind with their hi-tech gaming experiences! 

The best place to go with friends, Mythical Escapes provides an immersive experience and two escape rooms to choose from. One set in the past and one set in the future. Head over to their website for more information. 

You can also celebrate a special event in the escape room! From team-building events to corporate sessions, birthday parties and date nights, visit the escape room if you are close by! 

If you are looking for places to celebrate a birthday, explore our blog for more information! 

  1. Wine Trails of Rochester 

Rochester is home to the country’s most beautiful landscapes. The weather provides a fantastic atmosphere to culture grapes to cultivate some of the best wines in the country! 

Apart from red and white wines, you can also try ice or dessert wines which simply melt in your mouth. Head here to experience the best wine tour of the country! 

  1. RMSC Strasenburgh Planetarium 

If you are around Rochester, RMSC Strasenburgh Planetarium should be a must-visit. They organize planetarium shows with images as it looks in outer space. 

The sun, planets, galaxies, and stars are shown in never before seen images that are projected to the ceiling. They also organize laser shows on Saturday nights as well. 

While being present at their show, you shall be left mindblown. They also educate us about the stars and the world beyond our little earth. 

This is by far the best fun thing to do while you are in the town! If your friends are not coming, walk alone! You will be left spellbound. 

  1. Catch a theater at Kodak Hall 

Kodak Hall is famous for hosting live performances, music concerts, dances and theater performances. They often screen old classics.  

If you are in Rochester, you cannot miss a show at the Kodak Hall. It has an old vibe, very much like the theatres in the olden times, and they have quite maintained it like gold. 

With original scripts, professional theater actors, vibrant costumes, and morally correct stories, Kodal Hall is the one-stop for everything related to live performances. Don’t forget to check the schedule before visiting. 

  1. Ontario Beach Park 

Located on the northwest side of the Ontario lake, Ontario Beach Park offers scenic beauty, a beautiful lush-green park and various kinds of activities. 

You can fish, swim or boat in the waters. You might play volleyball, football, softball or basketball on the grounds near the beach. 

The park also features several other amenities like a bathhouse, nice picnic spots, food stalls and a center for performances. You know where to take your family when they are bored at home! 

If you are still looking for unique places to go with friends near me, head to our blog to explore more! 

Do you have any particular place in Rochester that you and your friends have discovered? Tell us in the comments below! 


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