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Welcome to Mythical Escapes, brave adventurers! We’re thrilled to introduce you to the ultimate beginners’ guide for conquering escape rooms. With our immersive and interactive hi-tech escape games like Cryosleep and Eat Or Be Eaten, we push the boundaries of entertainment to give you an unforgettable experience.

Ready to embark on a thrilling adventure or learn tips to conquer your next escape room challenge? This guide has everything you need to know about succeeding in captivating themed puzzles. So join us at Mythical Escapes and prepare for the best escape room challenge! 

Definition of Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are live-action, team-based games where players work together to discover clues, solve puzzles, and accomplish tasks to “escape” a themed room within a set time limit.

The Popularity of Escape Rooms

In recent years, escape rooms have exploded in popularity, with new ones popping up worldwide. Escape rooms offer an engaging and entertaining way to spend time with friends, family, or coworkers.

Benefits of Participating in Escape Rooms

Escape rooms provide numerous benefits, such as:

  • Team building
  • Enhancing problem-solving skills
  • Boosting communication skills
  • Increasing self-confidence
  • Creating lasting memories
From the Desk of Mythical Escapes
At Mythical Escapes, we offer two immersive, Hi-Tech escape rooms for players of varying ages and experiences.Cryosleep – A futuristic sci-fi game featuring spaceships, space travel, and many other science-fiction elements.Eat Or Be Eaten – Horror game, plotted in a 1960’s industrial plant, contains some horror elements and may not be for the faint-hearted. All the games offer a highly immersive, hi-tech experience that everyone enjoys and is suitable for special events and team-building activities.None of our games are too hard or easy. You’ll find the perfect mix of fun and challenge at Mythical Escapes. We constantly see beginners and experts have a blast here alike.

How to Choose the Right Escape Room for Your Skill Level

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Researching Escape Rooms

Start by researching escape rooms in your area. Look for reviews, themes, difficulty levels, and age recommendations. Ask for recommendations from friends, family, or online forums.

Identifying Skill Levels

Escape rooms often have difficulty levels ranging from beginner to very hard/expert. Consider your puzzle-solving skills. Also, the similar and other skills of your team when choosing a room.

Choosing the Right Escape Room

To choose a suitable escape room:

  • Decide the theme you and your team may enjoy the most (e.g., horror, mystery, sci-fi)
  • Consider your team’s skill level and interests
  • Look for rooms with high ratings and positive reviews
  • Inquire about any special requirements or accommodations

Tips for Making the Right Choice

Keep these tips in mind:

  • Start with a beginner-level room if you’re new to escape rooms
  • Make sure the theme appeals to everyone on your team
  • Don’t hesitate to ask the staff for recommendations

Preparing for Your First Escape Room

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Dress Appropriately

Wear comfortable, casual clothing and shoes that allow for easy movement. Avoid heavy or restrictive clothing. Comfort and mobility are the key factors here.

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Bring the Right Supplies

Bring a pen, notepad, and reading glasses if needed. Leave your phone and other electronic devices behind – they’re often prohibited during gameplay.

Eat and Drink Beforehand

Have a light meal and stay hydrated before the game. You’ll need all your energy and focus to conquer the room! Also, stay sober; please don’t go to an escape room intoxicated.

Mental Preparation

Stay positive and open-minded. Remember, you’re there to have fun. Don’t stress yourself too much.

The Basics of Solving Escape Room Puzzles

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The Importance of Communication

Clear, concise communication is crucial for solving puzzles and working as a team. Share your findings and listen to your teammates’ ideas.

The Role of Observation and Attention to Detail

Be observant and pay attention to every detail in the room – even the slightest clue could be the key to your escape.

Using the Logic and Reasoning

Approach puzzles logically and methodically. Break them down into smaller, more manageable tasks.

Tips for Cracking the Code

  • Keep track of the clues and puzzles you’ve already solved
  • Use a systematic approach for trying combinations
  • Look for patterns and connections between clues

Tips for Working Effectively as a Team

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Establishing Roles

Assign roles based on each team member’s strengths, such as the thinker, the communicator, or the doer.

Using Strengths and Weaknesses of Each Member

Leverage each team member’s unique abilities and compensate for each other’s weaknesses.

Communicating Effectively

Share information clearly and listen actively. Keep communication lines open. Escape rooms are all about communication and collaboration.

Delegating Tasks

Ensure that everyone has a specific task to work on. This way, the team can cover more ground and solve puzzles faster.

Tips for Escaping an Escape Room

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Planning and Prioritizing

Create a plan of action and prioritize tasks. Focus on the most important or time-sensitive puzzles first.

Managing Time Effectively

Keep an eye on the clock and allocate time wisely. If a puzzle is taking too long, move on to another one and come back later.

Using Clues and Hints

Don’t be afraid to ask for clues or hints. They can help guide you in the right direction and save valuable time.

Not Getting Stuck on One Puzzle

If you’re stuck on a puzzle, take a step back and let another team member try it. A fresh perspective might be just what you need.

Explore our safety steps to ensure your comfort and ease.

How to Stay Calm and Focused During the Game

Breathing Techniques

  • Practice deep, slow breaths to help calm your nerves and maintain focus.
  • Sit down and meditate for a minute or two.

Mindful Thinking

  • Stay present and avoid overthinking. Focus on the task at hand.
  • Don’t get into performance anxiety. You’re there to have fun.

Avoiding Distractions

  • Minimize distractions by concentrating on your team’s progress and the puzzles you’re solving.
  • Don’t think about what happens if you don’t complete the game in time. Be present in the moment.

Keeping a Positive Attitude

  • Stay optimistic and encourage your teammates. A positive mindset can make all the difference.
  • Always remember escape rooms are fun, and there is nothing to worry about.

Common Pitfalls to Avoid

Getting frustrated or overwhelmed by the challenge isn’t unusual. You must stay focused and communicate with your team to get past it and move toward your ultimate goal.

Common Mistakes to Avoid in Escape Rooms

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Panicking or Rushing

Keep your cool and think carefully before making decisions. Hasty actions can lead to mistakes.

Ignoring Clues or Hints

Pay close attention to all the clues and hints provided. They’re there to help you succeed.

Being Distracted

Stay focused on the puzzles and avoid getting sidetracked by irrelevant details.

Giving Up Too Soon

Persevere and keep trying, even if a puzzle seems impossible. You never know when you’ll have that “aha!” moment.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Are beginner escape rooms hard? How hard is it to escape an escape room in general?

Beginner escape rooms are designed to be challenging yet enjoyable for those new to the experience. The difficulty of an escape room depends on its level, theme, and puzzles. Remember that escape rooms are meant to be fun and engaging, so don’t worry too much about the difficulty. Just remember, teamwork and communication are key!

Am I smart enough for an escape room?

Absolutely! Escape rooms are suitable for people of all skill levels and backgrounds. They’re designed to challenge your problem-solving abilities, creativity, and teamwork skills. There’s no need to be a genius – just bring your enthusiasm, open-mindedness, and willingness to collaborate with your teammates.

Are escape rooms harder with fewer people?

Escape rooms can be more challenging with fewer people, as there are fewer minds to tackle the puzzles and tasks. However, a smaller team also means clearer communication and less chance of confusion. The key is to work together and use each person’s strengths to your advantage.

Can I do an escape room if I am claustrophobic?

Many escape rooms are designed to accommodate people with claustrophobia. Room sizes can vary, and some companies offer spacious, well-lit environments to ease any anxiety. When booking your escape room, talk to the staff about your concerns. They can help you choose a room that suits your needs and ensure you have a comfortable experience.

How do I overcome fear and stay calm in an escape room?

Staying calm in an escape room can be challenging, especially when the clock is ticking. Here are some tips to overcome fear and maintain your cool:

  • Practice deep breathing techniques to help regulate your nerves
  • Focus on the present moment and avoid overthinking
  • Remind yourself that it’s just a game and meant to be fun
  • Communicate with your teammates – sharing your thoughts can help alleviate anxiety
  • Remember that you can always ask for hints or clues if you’re feeling stuck

Embrace the challenge and enjoy the experience – it’s all part of the adventure!


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Recap of Tips and Tricks

We’ve covered a lot of ground in this guide, from choosing the right escape room to staying calm under pressure. Remember these tips and tricks to ensure a successful and enjoyable escape room experience.

  • Choose the right escape room based on skill level, theme, and group preferences
  • Prepare by dressing comfortably, bringing necessary supplies, and mentally gearing up for the challenge
  • Communication, observation, and logical thinking are essential for solving escape room puzzles
  • Work effectively as a team by assigning roles, utilizing strengths, and delegating tasks
  • Plan, prioritize, and manage time wisely, using clues and hints when needed
  • Stay calm and focused with breathing techniques, mindful thinking, and a positive attitude
  • Avoid common mistakes like panicking, ignoring clues, and giving up too soon
  • Remember to have fun and enjoy the experience with your teammates.

Encouragement to Try an Escape Room

Ready to take the plunge? Gather your team and embark on an unforgettable adventure. Escape rooms offer a unique and exciting way to bond with others and test your skills.

Final Thoughts and Advice

Escape rooms are all about teamwork, communication, and problem-solving. Keep an open mind, stay positive, and, most importantly, have fun!

Discover the magic of Mythical Escapes – book your unforgettable escape room experience today!

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