What Is An Escape Room?

Never played an escape room game before? Here’s what you need to know…

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It’s A Real-Life Adventure

An escape room is a real-life adventure in which players seek to fulfil a mission inside a themed space. Players have to solve puzzles and accomplish tasks to find clues on how to proceed.
As players move forward, the backstory will gradually reveal itself, culminating in a climax at the end of the game.
The challenge is to fulfil the mission before time (60 minutes) runs out.
Can you do it?

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It’s An Immersive Experience

Immersion is a key facet of an escape room experience.
Through room design, special effects, puzzle and task design and having the narrative slowly unfold, an escape room seeks to completely immerse players in the game environment.
Think of it as a movie or a video game, but you’re actually in the middle of the action, not passively viewing from the sidelines or maneuvering a controller.

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It’s A Team Thing

Escape rooms are always designed to be team activities.
To win an escape room challenge, players will have to work cohesively as a single unit, dividing responsibilites and collaborating on puzzles and tasks as needed.
Want to find out more about team building and escape rooms? Visit our
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Important Information

How To Book Yourself An Escape Room With Us

View our game schedule on our booking page.
Select a date and time slot that works for you and make your booking. You can book directly from the online calendar.
For help, or if you want to plan an event with us, please call us on

A Few Tips (Important For First Timers)

Enter the room and fan out in all directions. Look for anything that’s out of place or inconsistent – it could be a clue or a puzzle.
Be vocal – keep everyone updated about what you’re finding and doing.
Remember, not everything in the room is a clue.

What Players Love About Our Escape Rooms

Hi-tech games

Game masters enthusiastic about engaging with players

Story-driven experience and not a series of random puzzles

Highly immersive, with props, room decor and special effects

Puzzles and tasks designed to sync with the storyline

Geniune team experience; everyone chips in

Celebrate victories all along the way

Events are super-easy to set up

Explore Our Escape Games


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Coming soon

Coming soon

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